Believing In Yourself – Start Blogging!

This is something that everyone must deal with. How to stay motivation and believe in yourself?

Day in and day out, the same old grind, and not much to show for it.

This is how every online business starts, a lot of effort with very little results.  And, you’re told from those that are successful, that your right on track. Yet the only track that you see, is the tract that has you spending a lot of time and money without any results.

Well, I’m here to tell you.  You are on the right track, it looks different then anything that you’ve ever seen before.  That’s because you’ve never been down it before.  Yes, success is built on top of a mountain of failures, mistakes, bad decisions, and poor judgments.  Your Learning!!

You’re also looking at the big picture.  Stop looking for the big obvious successful event, instead keep you eye on the little movements.  Your FB ad(s) had 15 clicks and 1 share.  Did you have that last week?  Are you having some of your ads working better then others?

This is what’s meant by watching the little events of the business. When you have something that is showing a result, that now is your focus. Change it around, hone it, then gage the results on the next run.  Then repeat the process for each of your ads.

Another very important part of any online business, is getting known.  Do people know who you are, do they trust what you’re saying, are they willing to follow your advice?  So, Who are you?

You need to get your name out there, if you have a website, that will help. You can introduce yourself there. People need to get to who you are, so, the next thing you must start doing …. Blogging! That’s right you must start writing your ideas down and putting them out for everyone to see them.

If that statement just sent a chill up your spine, then we just found a barrier that is keeping you from success. Confidence! You need to have confidence in what you’re doing, believing in yourself is the first step for others to believe in you.

Everything that you do will reflect the confidence level that you have in what you do.

Let’s go back to that FB ad, is it eye catching, compelling, making you to want to see more? How is it put together?  Did you just put a link with a name? Or, is there a reason and call to action with it? Something that explains what the link is ‘a narrative picture, short statement, a story’.

A very good strategy for FB is story form.  Everyone is telling each other all these short stories. And, we, as people, want to know what everyone else is doing, Right!  That is why FB just went over 2 Billion active users. Billion, people are nosy about others.

With your story you can lead your audience to a link or website, where they can find something that will help them with whatever challenge they are having, with their life or business. For instance, I would insert a link to my website here, simply (  You would want to have just before a call to action: Visit Automated Ventures to discover how to start a blog, generate traffic and other business training opportunities. You would set that statement up to highlight what your site has to offer.

Or, you can have a simple blog site, that only take a few minutes to setup. You will spent more time working out your blog name and getting your domain, then actually building the site.  With that setup, with just a few clicks, you can link your blog to your FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ accounts. Now your one blog post is sent to all your social media accounts.

I have now taken you from believing in yourself to having the confidence of putting yourself out into the public’s eye.  Building a Blog Site and introducing yourself to the world.  Yes, if you need help, you can come over to my website, it is full of training ideas and opportunities. BusinessBuilder is a course that will take you from buying a domain to having a website up and running. The blog style is the default style for a WordPress installation.

Let Automated Ventures help you discover your self confidence in your online business.

Jay McCormick