SPI 305: The Funnel After the Funnel with Nicole Walters

Today’s special guest is Nicole Walters of NicoleWalters.tv, who’s talking about the funnel after the funnel, what that is, and why it’s so critical to her mindset and success. We’ll also be talking about how she quit her job . . . in front of a live audience! Since then, she’s built a seven-figure business while being an amazing mother too. She’s here to talk about all that and more, today on The Smart Passive Income Podcast.

There are things that we purposefully focus on that help us grow and scale our businesses. For Nicole it’s her incredible community. We’d spoken at an event together—Business Boutique with Christy Wright, in Nashville—and after the event I swear we didn’t go ten feet without someone stopping Nicole to ask for a selfie or an autograph.

The value Nicole provides for her community is incredible and her journey is inspiring. From a high-level corporate career, to the world of online business and a buzzing community, her story is unique, and what she’s built because of those experiences is truly special. She’s learned some essential lessons, strategies, and techniques along the way, and she’s here today to share all of that with you!

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Special thanks to Nicole Walters for joining me this week. Until next time!

You’ll Learn

  • Why Nicole decided to quit her job in front of a live audience, and what happened afterward.
  • How Nicole’s commitment to her family drove her to succeed.
  • The stories behind Nicole’s two viral videos.
  • How Nicole distinguished herself when she started her online business.
  • How Nicole fosters her community, both online and offline.
  • How Nicole scaled her membership group to a million-dollar group.
  • How Nicole applies both a service-based philosophy and corporate strategies to her business.
  • Why Nicole transitioned her community from Facebook to her own membership portal.
  • Why and how Nicole hired a Head of Operations.
  • What the funnel after the funnel is, and how that mindset plays into Nicole’s business.
  • What Nicole’s top tools are, why they’re so critical, and more!